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Custom Bond and Insurance Solutionsfor the Mortgage Lending Community

In order to better protect the mortgage lending community, Bankers Insurance Service pioneered the Mortgage Bankers Bond (MBB), by combining investor and warehouse lender required Fidelity Bond and Mortgagee’s Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance into the same policy. Developed in concert with our underwriting partner and the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the MBB was launched more than 71 years ago, in 1952.
Since that time, our products have been continually updated and expanded to keep pace with the ever-evolving mortgage lending industry. Bankers Insurance Service, as the leading provider of insurance for mortgage lending operations in the U.S., is the only provider endorsed by the MBA for Fidelity Bond and Mortgagee’s E&O insurance.

Product Portfolio

Our goal is to ensure our clients have the investor and warehouse lender required coverages, as well as custom coverage to help protect their interests.

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Bankers Insurance Service is proud to be a member of these outstanding mortgage industry organizations:

Mortgage Bankers Association
California Mortgage Bankers Association
Lenders One
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